BP1885 - Chain of Command Far East Handbook

The book is a page handbook that provides a comprehensive coverage of the campaigns in Malaya, Hong Kong, Burma and the Dutch East Indies.  Included is an historical overview of the campaigns, as well as whole raft of new rules to cover the events and terrain in the Far Eastern Theatre.

The handbook includes nearly fifty individual army lists with support lists for each one. As in the 1940 handbook, we have provided a comprehensive guide to the period.   In addition, we have a comprehensive range of national characteristics and rules for jungle training that allow the gamer to reflect the tactics of the period.
The lists are as follows:

Britain, Dominions and Empire

British Infantry Platoon 1941-42
British Garrison Platoon 1941-42
Indian Army Platoon 1941-42
Indian ‘Milked’ Platoon 1941-42
Australian Rifle Platoon 1941-42
Australian Blackforce Platoon, Java 1942
Canadian Infantry Platoon 1941 (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps Platoon, 1941
Malaya Regiment Platoon 1941-42
Burma Rifles Platoon 1941-42
Volunteer Defence Corps 1941-42
Indian Army Platoon 1943
British Infantry Platoon 1943
“Commando” Platoon 1943-44
Chindit Platoon 1943
Burma Rifles Platoon 1943
British Infantry Platoon 1944-45
Indian Army Platoon 1944-45
Indian Motor Rifles Platoon 1944-45
Indian Parachute Platoon 1944-45
Tribal Levies 1944-45
African Infantry Platoon 1944-45
Assam Rifles Platoon 1943-45
Chindit Platoon 1944
Chindit Reconnaissance Platoon 1944
Army Command Section 1944-45
Royal Marine Commando Platoon 1944-45
RAF Regiment Flight 1944-45
Armour Support List

Dutch East Indies
KNIL Field Force Platoon
KNIL Garrison Platoon
KNIL Marechaussee Platoon
KNIL Cavalry Platoon
Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop
Marine Platoon

Japanese Empire
Infantry Platoon 1941-42
Cavalry Reconnaissance Platoon 1941-43
Motorised Reconnaissance Platoon 1941-43
Special Naval Landing Party 1941-43
Army Parachute Platoon 1942
SNLF Parachute Platoon 1942
Infantry Platoon 1943
Infantry Platoon 1944-45
Commando Platoon 1945
Line of Communication Guard Platoon 1943-45
Line of Communication Mobile Platoon 1943-45
Indian National Army Platoon 1944-45

Alongside these lists we have nearly fifty support option lists giving support choices for a huge number of unit types, so if you have an Indian Infantry Platoon can select support from other friendly Empire units .  All in all, the gamer can choose an incredible range of interesting and varied troops types and then  choose supports from friendly forces and allies for forces of almost limitless variety.  But that’s not all.  Each nation has a full Arsenal list for weapons and AFVs as well as comprehensive notes to cover their support options.

Finally, we have four new scenarios to introduce the gamer to this new and exciting theatre of war; The Roadblock, The Road North, Demolition Derby and Fight for the Chaung.

Chain of Command Far East Handbook

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