FGVDeal - Frostgrave 'Get Me Started' Deal.

Are you looking to get into playing Frostgrave?

Then this bundle deal is for you.

It includes a copy of the rulebook, a box of Frostgrave Soldiers and a box of Frostgrave Wizards.

We'll also throw in for free a set of Treasure Tokens and a 20 sided dice, the famous Blue Dice.

There's actually enough figures for two warbands, so you can either give one warband to your opponent or make two different warbands for yourself, each one having a different theme.

The rulebook is a hard back, full colour publication.

The Frostgrave Soldiers box set is a plastic kit from which you can make 20 different Soldiers. The Wizards box set is also a plastic kit from which you can make 8 different Wizards. 

All Frostgrave figures are 28mm sized, require assembly using glue and are supplied unpainted.

The free treasure tokens are unpainted and cast in resin.

Frostgrave 'Get Me Started' Deal.

Our Price was: £60.00
Special Offer price!: £54.00