GiM073 - Great Darcy of the Pale,

GiM 73 - Great Darcy of the Pale, 1504. Billhooks Hibernia
William Darcy of Platten was reputedly the tallest man in Ireland. He carried the Pretender
Lambert Simnel on his shoulders to his ‘coronation’ in Dublin in 1487. Great Darcy
continued to serve Gerald Fitzgerald, 8th Earl of Kildare, notably at the battle of Knockdoe in
1504 where he fought in single combat with MacSwiney, chief of the Clanrickard
Our Great Darcy figure has been inspired by Never Mind the Billhooks Deluxe: Hibernia, the
section/theatre of rules which covers warfare in late medieval Ireland.

This is a limited edition figure. Each miniature comes with a numbered gift card.

28mm sized metal figure, supplied unpainted.


Great Darcy of the Pale,

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