BP1886 - NAPOLEON'S Bloody Big BATTLES! (Preorder)

Released Late June 2024. Taking preorders now.

The wars fought by Napoleon I between his coronation as Emperor of the French in 1804 and his final defeat in 1815 are among the most famous and colourful in world history. Napoleon was opposed by all the remaining great powers of Europe, sometimes singly, often in alliance with each other and with smaller states. Napoleon and his coalition opponents deployed forces unprecedented in size in European history and engaged in battles on an epic scale. NAPOLEON’S Bloody Big BATTLES! lets you refight sixteen of Napoleon’s most important battles from Austerlitz in 1805 to Waterloo in 1815. This collection gives you:

• The main battles that consolidated Napoleon’s reputation as a great commander!
• A wide range of opponents and tactical situations!
• Balanced scenarios in which any result is possible!
• Fast-moving games with challenging command decisions!
• The opportunity to fight iconic battles to the finish in a single evening!

Many also offer scenario options to explore ‘what-ifs’ and increase replay value. Campaign options allow players to link battles so that each has consequences for the next.

NBBB is a scenario book intended for use with the “Bloody Big Battles” wargames rules (BBB).

NAPOLEON'S Bloody Big BATTLES! (Preorder)

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