KCS-93002 - Kraut-Fixer - Scatter Fix Solution

Krautcover Scenic's innovative alcohol-based fixing solution makes it possible to seal loose basing material or scattered pieces of terrain in the long term and thus prevent grit from trickling off. The innovative formulation of a non-toxic alcohol-based resin polymer enables the fixing solution to be applied deep into the gritting material without pre-treatment by prior moistening. The original colour of the spreading material is only slightly affected after drying and largely reduces the known darkening effect caused by diluted PVA glue, for example, without having to rely on toxic ingredients. Kraut-Fixer comes in a 250ml bottle with a trusty dosing tip to apply the fixative with pinpoint accuracy in a small space.

Volume: 250g

Kraut-Fixer - Scatter Fix Solution

Our Price: £10.50