GGSB-D - Dry Grass Tuft Starter Box

Craft a Serene, Dry Landscape

With this Starter Box, you’re stepping into the world of dry, arid landscapes. From desert oases to dusty plains, our grass tufts bring a touch of realism to your scene. Create a serene countryside base under a scorching sun or a forgotten wasteland with tufts of resilient grass peeking through the cracked earth.

Let’s Get Started and Bring Your Visions to Life!

So, dive in, explore, and unleash your creativity! Whether crafting a windswept desert mesa or a sun-bleached savanna, these grass tufts are your ticket to a world of endless possibilities.

The Most Important Thing? Have Fun!

Remember, the most important aspect of this hobby is to let your imagination run wild. There are no limits to what you can create; the joy of experimenting with different options is where the magic truly happens.


This Starter Box contains 4 full sheets of Grass Tufts, 1 Pair of Tweezers, 1 Bottle of PVA glue and 1 Basing Guide Booklet.
All Grass Tuft Starter Boxes are sold without any diorama or base.

Dry Grass Tuft Starter Box

Our Price: £22.99