GS42 - Monmouth and Churchill

A personality pack with figures of the Duke of Monmouth and John Churchill in the 1670s.
James Scott, Duke of Monmouth 1649-1685. Monmouth was the illegitimate son of Charles II. He was a daring and brave soldier, though young he was given command of the Royal English Regiment in 1672. The Royal English Regiment was a body of 6000 men sent by Charles II to fight under French command against the Dutch in the French Dutch War 1672-1679. He later led a rebellion against his Uncle, James II in 1685 and was executed after its failure. Here he is depicted as mounted as the English commander in 1672.
John Churchill 1650-1722. Churchill joined the army at the age of 17, as an Ensign in the Guards. He rose to Captain of the Admiralty Regiment after serving in the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War. He was sent to France with the Royal English Regiment in 1672, and gained the notice of Louis XIV for his bravery at the Siege of Maastricht 1673.John Churchill later becomes famous as the Duke of Marlborough, commander of the victorious British army in the War of Spanish Succession.
Our figure depicts Churchill (ancestor of Historys other famous Churchill) on foot as a fashionable young officer in French service. The Partisan can be cut and drilled out from his hand and a flag put in it's place.
The figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. Glue is needed to build the model of Monmouth.


Monmouth and Churchill

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