FGV300 - Undead Encounters

We've teamed up with Mantic Games to bring you a great collection of Undead creatures, the kind of horrors you find creeping around ruined frozen cities.

This box set of plastic figures gets you:
10 Skeletons
4 Ghouls
3 Zombies.

Perfect for your random encounters.

Figures are all taken from Mantics Kings of War fantasy range. Made of hard plastic, they are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

The Silver Bayonet
The Undead Encounters set is also great for the Silver Bayonet: The Carpathians.

The Skeletons can be used as Living Armour, Ghosts, and Tomb Wraiths.

The Ghouls can be...Ghouls.

The Zombies can be Revenants and Rack Born.

Undead Encounters

Our Price: £15.00