BP1515 - Open Combat

Open Combat is a fast-paced tabletop skirmish game in which you create the heroes, adventures and battles of your imagination.

You can guide the ragtag remains of a Roman expeditionary force through barbarian territory, become a Saxon lord with his retinue as they face off against a local rival, or chart the story of a group of adventurers fighting for fortune and glory in a goblin-infested wilderness. It could be anything you wish to play out on the tabletop.

Inside this book you’ll find:

• A unique profile and warband construction system which allows you to ‘stat up’ any models you like in any way you wish.
• Rules for movement, combat, different weapons, skills, abilities, terrain and hazards
• Multiple scenarios
• Campaign rules for linking games together and/or developing your warband
• Plus hints, tips and sample lists

All you need is an area of 24”x24”, 3 regular six-sided dice, 3-12 models and 30-60 minutes to play.

The Open Combat rules for fighting miniature battles are suitable for pre-gunpowder historical and fantasy settings.



Open Combat

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