Welcome to the Pulp Figures! My name is Bob Murch and I’m the sculptor, mould maker, caster, shipper and chief bottle washer of this plucky, rag-tag enterprise. Pulp Figures turned 10 years old in 2012 and since its beginning, when I often had to explain the term ‘Pulp’ to many gamers, Pulp Adventure gaming has become an established genre familiar to gamers with many excellent rules systems to choose from. The inspiration for Pulp Figures remains early 20th Century ‘Pulp Era’ adventure film and fiction and the minis remain oriented towards table-top gaming. This is not to say that role-players won't find the miniatures exciting and useful. Everything under the Pulp Figures banner is character driven with fun and personality given priority over strict historical accuracy.
20th Century ‘Pulp Era’ adventure film and fiction
Photo of Weird Villains 1 (PWM 01)Photo of Evil Hooded Minions 2 (PWM 05)Photo of Cringing Captives (PWM 10)Photo of Radon Zombies of the Ionosphere 1 (PWM 16)

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