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The Ila (or BaIla) are a tribe based in South Central Africa, what is now Zambia.

They were fierce warrior herdsmen in the 19th Century, powerful enough to fight off Matabele cattle raids and Arab slave raids. They did not oppose encroaching British Colonial rule in the last years of the 19th Century as their lands became Northern Rhodesia.

Their distinct tall hair-style was fashioned so that tribal members could see each other moving through the tall grass of the Kafue Flats.

To read a more detailed description of the Ila by author Chris Peers click here.

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Photo of Ila Warriors (NSA3001)
NSA3001 - Ila Warriors

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Photo of Senior Ila warriors (NSA3002)
NSA3002 - Senior Ila warriors

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Photo of Ila Chief and Nobles (NSA3003)
NSA3003 - Ila Chief and Nobles

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Photo of Ila Warriors Attacking (NSA3004)
NSA3004 - Ila Warriors Attacking

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